How did the CSRA Humane Society come into being?

A group of like-minded individuals organized the Society, which was incorporated in Georgia in 1985. Initially the Society was a network of foster homes that housed adoptable cats and dogs and brought them to TV stations and other venues to try to get them adopted.

How did the CSRA Humane Society get its current shelter?

While initially renting kennel space in a local groomer/boarding facility, our volunteers came up with a business plan to turn the city’s unused Stockade into a no-kill shelter.  In 1999, the business plan was presented to the Augusta-Richmond County Commissioners, who later approved the plan.  We signed the first lease on December 31, 1999.  Then-Mayor Bob Young paid for our first five years of the lease by attaching a $5 bill to the contract.

We have since renewed the lease several times, now in ten-year increments.


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